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Welcome to a 90-minute journey to support deeply   
empowered manifesting to unleash your limitless potential.

Let’s bring your manifesting practice into alignment with your purpose.

Your bigger vision may require an abundance of time, energy and money to make it physically possible to achieve…

… and that’s why I don’t just teach you how to manifest for the sake of manifesting…

I teach you how to manifest in YOUR unique way so that you’re manifesting IN and ON purpose.

So that you actualising your desires not only expands your world, it also has a ripple effect and creates a positive impact on the planet, leaving a legacy that long outlives you.

Count me in — I'm so ready for this!

In the workshop, I share with you the wisdom that I WISH I’d known when I started off – I’d have saved so much time, and money and avoided a tonne of frustration and confusion with trying to figure out my purpose in life!

You’ll learn about the elements that often get overlooked but are VITAL for you to put your own twist on manifesting so it works for YOU.

During this 90-minute training, I will walk you through:

1. The limitations of popular manifesting practices that can be creating the potential for more harm long-term

2. The link between oppression and manifesting and why it is so influential in your ability to manifest (or not!)

3. How to liberate and empower yourself to overcome your challenges & the internal oppression without being a victim

4. Activating your unique Creative Blueprint to activate your magnetism and enter the portal of possibilities for empowered and healthy manifesting that lasts

5. Expanding your own confidence in consciously creating your desires by blending the energetic AND practical work so you can manifest over and over again


You know you’re ready for Liberate if:

  • You’re seeking or refining your life purpose and would love to manifest a lifestyle that allows you to fulfil it without worrying about your finances or others’ judgements on your chosen career path.

  • You’re no longer willing to put your life on hold for the sake of other people – you’ve gone too long putting others first and NOW they have decided it’s YOUR time.

  • You’re a conscious creator of your life, a healer, intuitive empath, spiritual entrepreneur, conscious parent or heart-centred solopreneur who already understands the concepts of manifesting and is now ready to learn a different perspective on manifesting that brings you into alignment with YOUR unique manifesting process.

  • You know what you desire next in your life and have already tried lots of things but nothing really sticks and you’re ready to experiment to customise your manifesting practice in a way that works for YOU and leads you to your life’s purpose.

  • You’ve already done inner work to shift your energy and mindset and are now ready to to stop fantasising about your desires and actually HAVE them show up in your life.

  • You’re no longer willing to put off your joy and success until you have the perfect state of mind or have fixed and healed yourself – you’re ready for it all NOW, despite all the mess and imperfect mindset, and despite the wobbles in your emotional state.

Let’s Be Real…

We’re not taught manifesting through the lens of how your internalised systems of oppression may interfere with all the mindset work and inner healing that you have done and not allow all that work to fully integrate into every aspect of your life.

This is what I unpack for you in Liberate because here’s some of the magic that happens when you understand manifesting from this perspective:

  • you find that sweet spot between your purpose and the way you are naturally designed to CREATE , free yourself from using other people’s manifesting frameworks (which can have a hit-and-miss success rate for you!) and step into YOUR unique manifesting flows and rhythms that energise you and get you into your creative flow.

  • you know what practical steps to take that will create more trust and safety for you to explore the root cause of your blocks so all the mindset and energy work that you are doing can be supported and sustained.

  • you see exactly what elements to integrate within your own manifesting framework that no one tells you about, so you can deepen trust in your own intuition to make aligned choices and connect with your Soul’s essence, path, purpose and Creative Blueprint… and ultimately, manifest a lifestyle that supports your purpose AND your heart’s desires!

  • you stop diluting your own brilliance by hiding your unique gifts and potential to change anything and have everything you desire… basically, you create the safety within to come out of the “spritual closet” and OWN your power and gifts.

  • you understand and identify when you’re in a victim pattern and regulate yourself without by-passing the deeper emotions and trauma.

  • you understand the limitations of popular manifesting practices that can be creating the potential for more harm long-term so that you can upgrade your manifesting framework into a healthier, more sustainable approach that creates lasting change.

This is one of the most profound and life-altering things you can learn to step more fully into your purpose by living a lifestyle that nourishes and supports you to reach the lives of the people you were born to impact.

And now is the time to learn it.

Hope to see you inside!

See you inside!


Meet Your Guide

Ras SagooHi, I’m Raspreet and I’m not like most coaches. I am not here just to create surface-level transformation.

I am here to support you to embody YOUR unique way of creating change so that you can embrace your gifts, expand your confidence and deepen your intuition.

I love supporting my clients to build daily practices that support their unique way of manifesting that actually works to create lasting and sustainable results and start to LIVE their dreams, instead of just dreaming about them. ⁣

My intention with this experience is to see how you can continue to work on your inner stuff AND still actualise what you say you want AT THE SAME TIME!  

I want you to see how you can honour yourself and meet yourself exactly where you are, without being a victim to your circumstances or having your current situation impact your powerful ability to create anything you desire!

I am making a stand for YOU to OWN your power, overcome your fears of what others will say or how they will react to you and create BEYOND your problems and past failures.

If this is calling to your soul and you are ready to discover what’s been holding you back from unleashing your TRUE potential and bringing through the highest expression of your soul, I’d love to see you on Liberate!

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