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Illuminate Training

Hey, Conscious Creator!

If you’ve landed on this page, I’m willing to bet that you have already tried a bunch of different ways to manifest some of your bigger visions…

… and maybe you’re at a point where it’s like crickets, as you wait patiently for Divine Timing to kick in or all the inner work and manifestation practices that you’ve already tried to actually start working!

You may even feel like you’re on the verge of giving up on that bigger vision… I mean, life could be worse, right?

Especially when you take a look around at what’s going on in the world today!

But I get it… no matter what you’ve already tried (and maybe even felt like you’ve failed at!)... you’re more than likely still connected to having that desire show up.

And why SHOULDN’T you?

That desire was sparked for a REASON!

You had that vision because deep down, you know you are capable of creating it… even though it doesn’t feel like it most days.

Let’s get real for a minute here…

You wouldn’t still be connected to that desire if you weren’t capable of creating it!

Think about all the other dreams you have let go of or changed… they weren’t that important to you…

But the one that you keep circling back to… 

… even when you think you have “failed” after attempting to manifest it before,

… even when others have told you that it’s beyond your reach and you just need to get realistic.

… even when your inner critic speaks up and tells you you’re crazy for thinking so big.

… yes, THAT one - your connection to the desire to have it never really goes away, does it?

THAT, my friend, is because your Soul is whispering to you that you have got everything you need within you to change ANYTHING and have ANYTHING you desire!

And I’d love to help you create that as your reality, not just a vision that keeps showing up for you.

Here’s the Problem:

Even though you’ve probably done all the things you SHOULD be doing, and taken all the trainings that you know have worked for others…

… the problem isn’t YOU!

… it’s NOT because Divine Timing isn’t on your side.

… and contrary to what you may have been told, it’s not because you’re being a “victim” or using excuses to justify your current circumstances… yes it can be this, but it’s not ALWAYS the case.

You’re not a victim. It’s likely that you have just not acknowledged
your past experiences and how they’ve impacted you.  

What if that energy is actually a call for healing and moving on versus judging yourself?

The REAL issue is that you simply may not have been taught ALL the things about the way you are approaching manifesting.

Sure, the tools like gratitude practices, positive affirmations, vision boards, mindset work are BRILLIANT and they work... to a degree.

There is a NEW energy available right now, to anyone that is willing to harness it to create in a way that is natural, organic and FAST.

One that allows you to create past your problems and beyond the issues going on in the world right now.

But it requires a different way to approach HOW you manifest.

That’s what is missing in most of the things about manifesting out there.

And part of that work is looking much deeper than most of us have been taught to go.

This is about EMBODYING the energy you wish to call into your life, so you can hold the energetic space for your desires to manifest.

To do this, you need to face your shadows. Not to eliminate them, but to shine a light on them and extract the deeper wisdom from them, so you can start to use them to your advantage.

Here’s what I KNOW to be true:

Your shadows are the misunderstood part of you that, mostly, people have buried deep down and ignored for a long time, under the illusion that there is something “wrong” with them.

In order for you to truly start to embody the energy of your desires, you need to face your shadows.

Because underneath your shadows lie your GIFTS and when you shine a light on those shadows, it’s so much easier to connect to the deep wisdom that is concealed within that space.

Listen up… I’m not here to sell you on some magical formula, ritual or super-secret steps to help you to manifest your desires in less than a week.

… because that’s all hype and some clever marketing, designed to trigger your fear response and sell you the idea that it’s all rainbows and unicorns… and that’s simply not true!

If you’ve ever gone down the path of conscious creation, you’ll know it’s not always easy.

Enter Illuminate!

Where you learn how to shine the light on your shadows to upgrade your manifesting.

In this mini-training, I’ll share with you:

  • the 3 main shadows and wounds that I most commonly see in clients so you can learn how to catch them in the moment and learn to move beyond them to create more harmony, flow and ease in your life.

  • how this information came about and why it’s so relevant if you have been trying to manifest something and it just doesn’t seem to be happening for you

  • a powerful energetic activation to help you get attuned to your desired future!

  • how operating from your shadows may negatively impact your ability to bring manifest your desires

  • how this may be playing out for you in your reality, in terms of your relationships and finances, so you can start to recognise when you are operating from shadow

  • why you tend to dip into your shadows without even knowing it and what you can do to can change that

Because when you become aware of your shadows and begin to recognise when you are operating from them, only THEN can you start to change things.

Until you do this, whatever you DO create or manifest in your life will likely have the undertone of that shadow running through your creations… and that creates a limit on what’s possible.

And they’ll very likely be showing up in your life… in your relationships… in your career… in your health… and everywhere. 

If you’re ready to shine a light on your shadows and be on your way to upgrading YOUR manifestation processes, so that the tools you are using
can actually yield the results you desire,
then register for your space below.

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Shine the light on your shadows to upgrade your manifesting! 

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