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Welcome to My Vault of Magic!

Hey, Divine Soul!

I'm Raspreet Sagoo, and I'm here to shatter the old paradigms of manifesting and guide you towards a transformation that's uniquely tailored to your unique brand of magic. Step into my world, a realm I fondly call the Vault of Magic, where we redefine manifestation on your terms.

Tired of the same old manifesting routine that feels as stale as last year's fashion?

Let's break free from the norm and infuse your journey with a touch of YOUR magical spark that's been waiting to shine!

Unearth Your Unique Manifesting Magic Within the Vault 

Say goodbye to the overused affirmations and the toxic positivity that rarely aligns with your reality. 

Within the Vault of Magic, I show you how to craft your unique manifesting framework that bridges the gap between tradition and transformation. 

It's time to honour your unique journey, embrace your cultural imprints and turn them into catalysts for manifesting the life you truly deserve.

If you’re a coach, healer, truth seeker or a conscious creator who is tired of chasing your dreams using methods that just don't get you, you're exactly where you're meant to be. 

You've likely already tried the mainstream techniques, the 'believe and achieve' mantras, and the 'think positive, vibe high' platitudes, only to be left questioning what you're doing wrong. 

But let me tell you; it's not you – it's the system that's overlooked the nuances and challenges of your journey.

 This isn't just a manifesting lesson; it's a revolution! 

Join Translate, my vibrant community of like-hearted women who are here to uplift, inspire, and remind you that you're never alone on this journey.

Ready to infuse your manifesting journey with a dose of your vibrant energy? 

Dive into my offerings, discover your inner creative wizardry, and let's spark a new chapter of colourful manifesting possibilities together!

Isn’t it about time you rewrote the manifesting rulebook to honour YOUR unique way of creating so you can start LIVING your dreams and not just visualising them?!

Get started right away because your magic is calling, and it's time to answer. 

Available Products

Synergise! Understand Your Cosmic Code to Unveil Your Signature Manifestation Blueprint

Ready to ride the waves of the universe and create change that resonates deep within for just £9? 

It's time to crack the code of your astrological essence and manifest with soulful intention.

🔮 Dive into this sneak peek course and delve into the mysteries of your sun, moon, and rising signs for a magical £9!

Unveil how the cosmos dances in harmony with your purpose, nurture your intuition, and let your manifestations shine. 

But here’s a secret - there's more stardust to catch… because you can level up with the FULL celestial adventure and craft your personalised manifesting roadmap using your big 3 energies by clicking here

Step into your natural power and watch your dreams unfold.

✨Ditch the confusion or overwhelm. Click the BUY button, and let's get started on crafting your dream life, one cosmic dance step at a time!


Are you ready to harness your cosmic potential and create a reality that's truly yours?

Unlock the cosmic secrets within your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs and revolutionise your manifestation journey with Energise

Discover a unique approach that aligns with your energetic blueprint and purpose and ignites unapologetic intentions for your dreams because you deserve to be LIVING them and not just fantasising about them!

Illuminate Training

What if embracing the shadows you've been avoiding could be the catalyst for unlocking your true manifesting power? 

Unveil the power within your shadows, the concealed fragments that hold the code to unlock your desires. 

Join Illuminate, a mini-training, as we explore 3 common shadows and wounds in your journey. 

Reclaim your potency, rewrite your narrative, and pivot your creations. 

Illuminate your path now and set ablaze your authentic manifesting potential! 


What if you could manifest even when life throws chaos your way? 

Are you ready to step into a space that addresses your cultural nuances, frees you from shame, and guides you to leave an impactful legacy?

If you've felt left out or unaddressed by mainstream manifesting methods and healing practices, Translate is tailor-made for you. 

Join our empowering community for 12 months and embark on a journey to decode your unique energetic signature, rise above internalised shame, and master manifesting even amidst challenges. 

This is where you craft your own manifesting framework - one that deeply respects your cultural context and propels your personal growth. 

It's more than mindset - it's energy clearing, thriving in chaos, shedding shame, it’s focusing on creating YOUR dreams, honouring YOUR desires and tapping into YOUR creative life force. 

Align your manifestations with your life purpose and make a meaningful impact, leaving a legacy that long outlives you. 

Join this revolution to empowerment and embodiment because life is short, and it’s worth making the most of it!


Unleash Your True Manifesting Potential with Liberate. 

Discover a fresh perspective on manifesting that considers how internalised systems of oppression can hinder your progress, preventing your mindset and inner healing from fully integrating into all aspects of your life. 

Liberate offers you the tools to find alignment between your purpose and your natural creative flow, while breaking free from generic manifesting frameworks. 

Unveil the practical steps to delve into the roots of your blocks, connect with your intuition, and embrace your unique brilliance. 

Ready for a transformative journey that challenges norms and empowers lasting change?

Sign up now.

{FREE} Take The Quiz To Discover Your Creative Blueprint

Ever wondered what it would be like to have the Midas Touch with your intentionally creating a life that you love?

Imagine having the sacred code to YOUR personalised creative potential and knowing how to play to the strengths within you that you already have so that you can supercharge your manifestations.

Your Creative Blueprint holds the secret to your success. 

Unearth your innate creative wiring and design, and watch your manifestations soar. 

Embrace your unique power now by diving into this short, illuminating quiz. 

Your personalised journey awaits, so let's decode your manifesting magic, shall we?


Ready to ignite your true essence and unlock boundless potential?

Shift from mere manifestation to soul-aligned creation. 

Unearth the five shadows stifling your intuition and manifesting style, while navigating a transformational pathway towards enduring change. 

Craft your personal manifesting approach through 5 essential steps, fostering an empowered soul map for manifesting mastery. 

Engage in an invigorating energetic activation that harmonises you with your Creative Blueprint, propelling you into the realm of accelerated manifestation.

Ready to learn how?

If yes, I’d love to invite you to my 3-part masterclass, Activate.

Harmonise - 5-Day Experience

Ever wondered how to manifest your deepest desires even in the midst of chaos and uncertainty? 

If you're ready to stop the uncertainty and start creating, join me for a 5-day journey that unlocks the 5 elements of my transformative 90-day intensive, Harmonise. 

You’ll learn the science and the spiritual elements of manifesting, as well as the energetic and practical things that are required to set the energy into motion so that you can experience tangible results!

Get ready to align, activate, and amplify your manifesting power, while connecting with your intuition and awareness of energy.

Amp Up Your Financial Reality Intensive Workshop

Tired of financial limitations holding you back from your desires and ready to forge your financial reality regardless of external circumstances?

Imagine what it would be like to create your own financial reality, independent of external chaos. 

Join our intensive workshop to align your energy and practical steps, allowing you to transform your financial journey. 

Learn how to reset, set aligned money targets, activate your abundance magnet, and more, so money works with you, not against you. 

Are you ready to shift your money story and manifest lasting abundance?

Join now!

Velocity Session

Ready to revolutionise your manifesting game and achieve your deepest desires with individually tailored support?

Picture a reality where your desires are within reach, your manifesting practices aligned with your unique energy. 

In a 60-minute private session, we'll craft a tailored manifesting framework that resonates with your authentic self, so you can break free from mainstream, generic methods that may not ever work for you.

Experience the power of customised manifestation, whether it's attracting soulmates, dream homes, better relationships, financial flow, health, and career success—all while honouring your unique journey and culture. 

If you're ready to step into your power and manifest with intention, this 60-minute private session is your opportunity. 

Don't miss out on this special offer of £170 (usually £350). 

Book now to unlock your personalised manifesting framework and embrace the potential of lasting transformation!

Life Purpose Readings

Ready to turn your manifesting journey into a purpose-driven path? 

Imagine aligning your desires with your life's greater calling. 

If you're eager to unearth your life's mission, soul lessons, and the nurturing elements that nourish your soul, then this transformative life-purpose reading is your next step. 

Unlock the power of intentional manifestation that's in harmony with your higher calling. 

Secure your spot at the special introductory rate of £111 and gain deep insights that guide you on your path to purposeful manifestation. 

Book now and get ready to manifest both in and on purpose because you deserve to live your dreams and have the most fun, joy and success while making the impact in this world that only YOU can make!

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