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Life Purpose Readings

For those of you that are curious about:

  • your life’s mission
  • what lessons your Soul is here to learn
  • the correct environment that keeps you nourished
  • healthy and energised and what deeply fulfils and satisfies your soul so that you can unleash your highest creative expression

... I would love to offer you a life-purpose reading.

For complete transparency,  I’m experimenting with this offering so I can test out if it’s something valuable to add to my services.

With that in mind, I will open up only a handful of slots at the introductory rate of just £111 (my usual rate is £350 for a session).

How it works:

As soon as you make a payment, a slot will be reserved for your reading.

You will be required to send me your bio-data so that I can run a chart that helps me to look at your energetic profile and base the reading from that and I will send out some questions for you to answer so I can give the most comprehensive and relevant information for you at this time.

You will receive a recording with all the information within 8-10 weeks (probably sooner, but it may take that long as I tune into the energy and will only do the readings as I’m being guided intuitively).

Please note this is not a reading that dictates what you SHOULD do and how to do it (I’m not the kind of coach that will do that because I know that nobody else is more of an expert in YOU than YOU!).

It will give you deep guidance on what aspects to look at, your secret motivations, the things that support you the most and an idea of what you are here to do.

You will then be required to contemplate on that and apply the information to your life so this isn’t just another reading that was lovely to hear but didn’t really change your life!

As it’s a trial run at an introductory rate, I will be asking for feedback from you about the session - the things you loved AND the things that would have made it even better for you.  

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