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Energise - Master The Art of  Manifesting With Your Big Three for Cosmic Creation

For visionaries and conscious creators who are ready to quantum leap their manifesting game and create the change that turns their vision into their lived experience!

Ready to set ablaze the disempowering norms of manifestation and rise as a cosmic creator? 

The problem is…

Astrology can get overwhelming and complex, especially for a beginner, while conventional manifestation methods can be simple but very generic.  It can be frustrating when you’re using these tools to help you to create your big vision, but they are just not yielding the results you want!

Conventional astrology practices can leave you feeling deflated because the way things are explained leads you to believe that what you are dreaming about isn't possible for you (and your chart gets blamed for it!🤦🏽‍♀️).

It kills your dreams and makes you doubt yourself and your own ability to create what you desire, which then makes you settle for mediocrity. 

When the truth is, there is a huge potential for you actualising your big vision IF you know how to harness your own energy and channel it into your manifesting framework!

The Solution?

Everyone has a natural process that they work from to successfully manifest their soul-aligned desires.

Let’s ditch the generic methods and give tap into your energy to give your intuitive process a chance to surface and breathe life into your vision.

Here’s how this course is different to mainstream teachings…

Because I am teaching it to you from the lens of how you can use what is ALREADY within your chart to enhance your ability to manifest more effectively and in a way that is sustainable for you!

I don't preach the standard mindset-shift tactics. Instead, I dive deep into harnessing and cultivating the energy that's innately within you. 

It's not about manufacturing surface-level change; it's about uncovering and channelling your unique brand of magic. 

The best part? 

I've cracked the code to decode the cosmos into simple, actionable steps directly linked to manifestation techniques that harmonise with YOUR unique energetic blueprint.

That’s not all…

Here’s the possibility I am inviting you to this course:

Imagine what your life BE like if you knew how to:

🌞 Tap into your Sun sign to discover your unique manifesting style and align it with your purpose

🌙 Tap into your emotional intelligence and intuition by understanding your moon sign. 

 🌌 Activate your inner magnet to attract your soul-aligned relationships, opportunities, career, experiences

👸🏽 Improve your self-concept and expand your confidence by tapping into the potency and power of your rising sign. 

Then, use all of that to alchemise your doubts into potent cosmic fuel, aligning with your purpose in the process as you start LIVING the vision you have spent so long envisioning for yourself! 

That is exactly what I am guiding you to do in this powerful mini-training because most people in the spiritual community are just not teaching it in this way!

Together, let's revolutionise your manifesting game and ignite your cosmic spark. 

Let's unleash your desires into the universe with unapologetic intention. 

Let's show the cosmos that your dreams are not just possible; they're INEVITABLE.

Are you ready to ENERGISE your methodology and
master the art of manifesting using your big 3?

Sign up for this NOW because if you understand your unique energetic
signature, manifesting becomes less about the perfect mindset and
being positive and more about enjoying your unique creative process!

Hit the “Buy Now” button below because haven’t you
delayed your joy and success for long enough already?!

9 Modules

Module 1: Start Here

In this module, you will explore how astrology can help you understand your unique manifestation abilities and how to align them with cosmic energies. 

Whether you're a beginner or have some knowledge of astrology, this module will set the foundation to make it easy for you to understand your birth chart and harness its power for manifestation.

Module 2: Understanding Your Chart

In this module, we go through exactly how to get your chart and use it to check what your Big 3 astrological signs are, so you can tune into your manifesting rhythms and amplify the energies that will support your ability to create change and actualise your desires.

Module 3: Interpreting Your Birth Chart & Journalling

In this module, you will start to understand how your Moon and Rising signs relates to manifestation and you will gain valuable insights to help you manifest more effectively. 

Module 4: Connecting Astrology With Manifestation

In this module, you will learn the:

  • what the element of your Sun sign is and see how it aligns with your manifestation style for more effective manifesting.
  • How your Moon sign influences your emotions so you can work with it to support your creative process.
  • How your Rising sign influences how others see and perceive you and how to harness that energy to your advantage.

Module 5: Extra Credit - Prompts To Embody Your Big 3 To Catalyse Your Manifestations

In this module, you will be guided through daily prompts to help you discover how to tap into the energy of your Big 3 and anchor into it by integrating it into your everyday life and manifesting framework for more powerful manifesting.

Module 6: Synthesising The Information for Practical Application

In this module, you will learn how to:

  • synthesise all the information from the previous modules to intentionally plug into your personalised manifesting framework so you can energise your manifesting process and breathe new life into your bigger visions.
  • translate the insights from this course and how best to strategically add them into your manifesting framework to customise it to you, your life, your desires and your energetic signature.

Synergy Reference Guides

Here, you'll find very cool and comprehensive reference guides to help you understand your Big 3 and channel that energy to synthesise your own personalised framework!

You'll see how you can fuel and energise yourself and your manifesting process.

Zodiac Alchemy Reference Guides

Here's where you will be aligning your purpose and energy for powerful manifesting! You will discover your Zodiac Synergy, revealing your innate traits and life path and engage in Zodiac Empowerment, igniting your sign's manifestation prowess. 

Modules for this product 9
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